Trinity Community Arts is a membership organisation

Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings and elect the Board of Directors.  It is important that people who care about Trinity join the membership to ensure the values of the charity are supported and beneficiaries take an active involvement in shaping our activities.
You can apply to become a Member if you:
  • are known to Trinity (i.e. a partner organisation or Centre user)

  • have contributed time to Trinity, i.e. through attending a Friends of Trinity meeting, or volunteering

  • are connected to Trinity and our activities - for example, a local resident with a specific community interest, or parents/carers of young people taking part in our activities

  • share a belief in the aims and objectives of Trinity, as expressed in our codes and policies

  • have a legitimate interest in, and is able to promote and support Trinity's work

  • are legally eligible to apply for Membership


The membership fee must be paid annually in order to qualify for voting at meetings and to have access to the Trinity Community Initiative.

If your organisation would like to apply to become a Member, please complete the form below.

If you are not part of an organisation and would like to sign up for Individual Membership, please click here.

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